Semi-rigid coaxial cables

Outline, Key features, Applications


Coax’s semi-rigid coaxial cable “SC Series” is constructed from seamless copper tube.
Compare to flexible cable, semi-rigid coaxial cable has more accuracy and consistency in construction, which offers stable impedance matching and low VSWR.
Seamless outer conductor provides outstanding shield characteristics like 120~130dB up to SHF range. Low attenuation performance increases power rating.
Wide range of Coax SC Series offers suitable cable diameter to achieve low insertion loss, which also achieves high density, compactness and maximum space utilization.
The standard specification of superior electrical and mechanical performance SC Series is listed below. Also, you can select optimal combination of materials to satisfy your specific needs.

Key features

Low insertion loss

Unequaled insertion loss compare to other type of cables.


The solid PTFE dielectric minimizes return loss.

Solid shield performance

The solid outer conductor prevents signal leakage and noise with more than 130dB shield performance.

Benefit in handling

Assemblers can enjoy easiness in handling such as bending, coiling, trimming leads,

Low impedance cable

Wide range of low impedance cables from 10 through 20 ohm.


* Communication infrastructure including radar systems
* Computer systems
* Amplifiers for cellular base stations
* Control devices
* Electric devices for medical systems