Semi-rigid coaxial cables

Aluminum cable

※By using aluminum tube as outer conductor, it achieves about the half weight compare to the oxygen-free copper tube. This series is good choice to reduce unit weight.

※Taking full advantage of aluminum, you enjoy the softness on bending. On designing and assembly situation, it is possilbe to use like flexible cable.

Part number Diameter
Material of outer conductor Weight of standard cable (for comparison)
Part Number Avg. weight[g/m]
SC-219/50-O-AL 2.19 10.3 Aluminum SC-219/50 20.5
SC-358/50-O-AL 3.58 27.5 Aluminum SC-358/50 46.6
SC-635/50-SC-AL 6.35 88.0 Aluminum SC-635/50 147.0