Coupler line cables

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“CL Series” coupler line is consists of a pair of wire center conductors shielded by a drawn outer conductor.
CL Series has been designed to offer broadband directional coupler and many types of circuit elements by cutting to an appropriate length and lead forming depending on operating frequency and applications.
Outer conductor is made from seamless oxygen-free copper, which attains physical attributes of semi-rigid coaxial cable.
Lightweight and compactness with very little noise from outside, easy mounting on circuit board by soldering are also benefits of our CL Series.

The basic construction of CL Series is two inner conductors shielded by outer jacket and there are 3 types.
In case of tight coupling type, a pair of inner conductors has to be set very closely with parallel and constant distance.
To obtain that status, one or both inner conductors are primary insulated with polyimide then set together covered by PTFE (See (ⅰ)(ⅱ), of Figure 1).
As (ⅲ) of Figure 1 shows, distance of two inner conductors of loose coupling type is wider than that of tight coupling type and covered by PTFE.
Seamless non-oxygen copper is used for outer shield.