Coupler line cables

Cutting and stripping of Coupler Line

Cutting and stripping of 3dB Coupler Line can be done by yourself. Coupler Lines except 3dB one are basically cut and stripped by Coax because those require special tools for processing.

How to cut and strip

【1】Cutting length

Cutting length is determined by the calculation [1] on the page [How to calculate the length required]. The calculated length is for outer jacket so the total cutting length should be addition of outer jacket and lead length.

【2】How to cut

Cut the shield at right angles to length with buzz saw or coping saw. Try to reduce burrs on the cutting surface.

【3】How to strip

Stripping leads is processed with the same way as stripping semi-rigid cable. However, different from semi-rigid cable, there are two center conductors in Coupler Line.
In case polyimide resin covers center conductor as primary insulator, wire stripper is useful to strip it. Workers have to be careful not to make flaw on the leads.

Operations manual for processing 3dB Coupler Line is available. Please ask for it.

Coupler Line connectors


Proprietary connectors are available for Coupler Lines.
Coax assembles Coupler Line with connectors.
Please select your preferable type from the page
[Coupler Line connectors].


Coupler Line mounting

Following is the key points of Coupler Line mounting on PCB

【1】It is important to minimize the unbalance occurring at the connection of micro strip line and center conductors. When you design PCB, please consider this point and try to minimize lead length as much as possible.
As shown in the drawing, mounting Coupler Line in groove on PCB is recommended.

【2】Ground the outer conductor solidly especially both ends. If the grounding is not solid enough, center frequency may shift to lower range. Making through holes around outer conductor and grounding by solder is recommended.

【3】Bending is possible for 3dB Coupler Line. Followings are instruction.
a. Keep minimum inside bend radius (If it’s larger, the better)
b. Bend slowly
c. Use something cylindrical shape and bend along with it. Do not bend just by hands.