Heat-proof Polyimide cables

  • Heat-proof semi-rigid cable uses polyimide as dielectric core instead of PTFE, which has been developed to be used in high temperature circumstances.
  • Compare to the standard semi-rigid cable using PTFE as dielectric core, heat-proof semi-rigid cable seldom gets influence of soldering heat.
  • Under the high temperature up to 300 degree C, heat-proof cable offers stable performance in physical and electric point of view.

SPC :  Silver-plated copper    SS :  Stainless steel (SUS304)

Part number Diameter Materials of center conductor Materials of outer conductor
φ[mm] SPC SS Oxygen- free
SC-086/50-SS-SS-PI 0.86
SC-119/50-SS-SS-PI 1.19
SC-160S/50-SS-SS-PI 1.60
SC-219/50-SS-SS-PI 2.19