KOROKORO is used for nicking outer conductor and dielectric of Semi-rigid cable and Coupler Line.
This tool also can be used for nicking lead wire.


Part number : KK01S

  • Easy handling and precise positioning of nicking.
  • Nicking is possible up to 10mm from cable edge.
  • Standard cutter blade is used.
  • Possible to nick up to φ2mm of semi-rigid cables.
  • Nicking depth is set at 0.3mm, which is applicable for variety of cables.

How to use KOROKORO

To set nicking position by using calipers, etc.
Set slide plate and fix with plate holder.

Put cable edge to the slide plate.
Lightly push the cable onto cutter blade by stick, then roll the cable ahead and back, keeping the cable edge right angle against slide plate.

Nip the nicked edge by pliers and shake slightly, then pull the outer conductor.
Same way can be used for stripping dielectric.

Examples of stripping

Stripping outer conductor of SC-219/50

Stripping outer conductor and dielectric of SC-086/50

Stripping lead wire