Physical structure
Materials Dimensions
Center conductor Silver-plated copper-clad steel (SPCP) 0.19+/-0.0130mm (0.0075+/-0.0005 inch)
Dielectric PTFE 0.60+/-0.0254mm (0.024+/-0.0010 inch)
Outer conductor Oxygen-free copper 1.00+/-0.0254mm (0.039+/-0.0065 inch)


Electrical properties*
Characteristic impedance 50.0+/-2.5ohms
Voltage withstanding @60Hz 2000VRMS
Corona extinction voltage @60Hz 700VRMS
Maximum operating frequency 169GHz
Average capacitance 98.60pF/m


FRQ. Attenuation Loss Power Rating
Attenuation loss @20゚C
Power rating @40゚C
0.5GHz 1.22dB/m 47.40W
1.0GHz 1.74dB/m 33.60W
5.0GHz 3.96dB/m 14.70W
10.0GHz 5.68dB/m 10.80W
20.0GHz 8.20dB/m 7.00W


Mechanical properties
Eccentricity Less than 7%
Minimum inside bend radius 3.0mm
Operating temperature -40℃ to +100℃
Average weight 5.30g/m
Standard length 1 or 2m

* Electrical properties are reference data/value by measurement and calculation.